We work together with German and international booking partners.

We organize local shows in the wider Hamburg region (like 7 times “St. Pauli Punk Festivals” at Indra Music Club) region or in Palma – Mallorca – (“Holidays in the Sun Festivals”).

Depending on individual bands and the time schedules by them, we can help to arrange anything from a smaller to a bigger tour throughout Europe.

We have a pool of 13 German (mainly Hamburg-based punk bands) to pick, and maybe your band could be part of this set-up.

It is possible to do extended weekend tours with three dates in Germany, for instance – that’s our main market for tours currently.


With 40 years of experience and a big network to share with, we are offering management services to talented bands.

We have worked together and developed such bands like:

Turbonegro, Cock Sparrer, ZSK, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Turbo AC’s, The Punkles.

We learned from Bands like The Residents and many more how to do it the right way.

We know how to do it, how to avoid traps and how to bring bands on a higher level.

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